A Distinctive Style Magazine’s Premium Issue Hits the Stands

Wait until you see, hear and feel all that this issue has to offer…there are no words to describe the passion on every page from personal stories, interviews and through music. When you open A Distinctive Style magazine you’ll be hit with the stunning beauty of Regina Taylor, followed by the crystal clear voice of Jennifer Warnes singing, “It’s Raining So Hard.” This will set the stage for what’s to come inside.

Our cover story is with Regina Taylor, an award winning actress, playwright and director whose awards and accomplishments on stage and screen are momentous. Her most magnificent work reaches outside of the performing world to help victims of ovarian cancer and to promote awareness of the early signs of cancer. She does this as homage to her mother who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer but refused to acknowledge the signs.

In another story Regina Taylor, along with legendary actresses Micki Grant and Carmen de Lavallade, tell us about being “Astronauts” of their time. This is a wonderful interview and one that we are very proud to bring to you.

Read stories from courageous women and children that share their journey with us. Hear from Fran Drescher about the importance of being aware! Aware of what we’re putting on our skin, in our stomachs, and in our homes, a very informative interview.

There is so much more, you’ll just have to visit the current issue to see for yourself!