Cloris played a medley of music on her Baby Grand

Cloris Leachman is an incredible spirit with a passion for life!

The ADS staff was invited to Cloris’ home for our interview, where we were met with warmth and down home hospitality! It was like spending the day with your “cool” grandmother! She serenaded us with beautiful music on her baby grand, told us stories of how she started out as an actress, fed us homemade soup around her dining room table and because of her gracious hospitality, she was late for her next appointment. It was a wonderful time that we will all remember!

by Jane Waide for A Distinctive Style Magazine

Preparing for an interview with Cloris Leachman was like becoming Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Start to finish in less than ten days. Picked up in a whirlwind of excitement from my Kansas-like, summer existence and dropped onto the tarmac at LAX with a thud. Then, with barely time to get my land legs and recover from the bump on the head, there I was, standing at the front door of Cloris Leachman’s home with my colleagues, and all that was missing was Toto.

One of my fondest childhood memories is an image from The Wizard Of Oz. In black and white, Judy Garland stands inside the doorway of her modest little prairie home, having landed somewhere over the rainbow. And as the door slowly opens, everything on the other side begins to glow in brilliant Technicolor. So it was with us. We walked through the doorway into an astounding world inhabited by 9 Winged Emmys, 1 stalwart and terribly impressive Oscar, a single Orb of Gold, and a diminutive Anna, Ms. Leachman’s personal assistant. We looked around in amazement and set to the task of finding just the right spots for lights, cameras and microphones.

Then, with little fanfare, (but no less impressive than if she had been Glinda floating toward us in a bubble), the inimitable Ms. Leachman walked into the room and greeted us. She moved to the Baby Grand and played a medley of music from “Cloris,” her one woman show. For the next 3 hours we were enchanted. We listened on speaker phone to details of planned premieres for her soon to be released film, The Fields. We heard the best inside stories from her character Maw Maw in Raising Hope and got the advance scoop on an upcoming reality series with her granddaughter, Skye. Cloris is an engaging, charismatic person, and an actress of seemingly limitless range. She has the uncanny ability to seize opportunities that continue to expand her repertoire. Over and over, she strengthens the connection with fans who’ve loved her work for years, while reaching out and winning over whole new audiences.