Photo Luxury real estate Tunisia: the good deal to invest?

Luxury real estate Tunisia: the good deal to invest?


There are strong indications that high-end real estate is the future of Tunisian real estate. In recent years, the sector has really been propelled by massive new investments to the extent that the country has become one of the most profitable in the Maghreb region. If you are looking for the good deal to invest in real estate in Tunisia, these tips should help you decide.

Have a good command of the total number of luxury real estate in Tunisia

If you want to invest in luxury real estate in Tunisia, at the very least you have to know about the figures. In fact, any investment must be motivated by the feasibility and profitability. In order to be profitable, a real estate project must allow you not only to come into possession of your initial investment, but also to make a margin.

For this, you must know the average price per square meter of a luxury property. Since 2015, the price per square meter is € 885.52. However, the covered area of a luxury villa averages between 320 and 350 square meters for a plot of 400 to 450 square meters.

This equals a property R + 1 or R + 2 with 4 bedrooms. What makes all the difference are the luxury amenities such as : 

  • Private swimming pools and gardens
  • Private parking, Central heating,
  • Automatic alarm systems,
  • smoke detectors,
  • Laundry and maintenance services
  • etc.

    The luxury real estate offer in Tunisia generally consists of high-end housing construction projects with apartments and villas as well as integrated leisure centers such as chic restaurants, high-end boutiques, Thalasso centers. and even seaside resorts.

    Depending on the geographical area and size, luxury villas are sold between 400,000 dinars for the most affordable and 3,500,000 dinars for the most expensive.

    Having an expert knowledge of the offers according to geographical areas

    Today, luxury residential real estate is the prosperous activity in Tunisia, including buying and reselling. The section of the rental is almost exclusively reserved for holidaymakers. Moreover, luxury commercial real estate is also slowly emerging.

    If knowing the real estate figures is very important, it is even more important for you to know in which type of property to invest according to the geographical area. The map of the country is divided into several city centers namely: the commercial downtown, the administrative downtown and the financial downtown.

    Luxury real estate in Tunisia is concentrated in these different regions of the country. These are mainly cities of :

  • Grand Tunis,
  • The Berges du Lac,
  • Hammamet,
  • Hamman Sousse,
  • Sidi Bousaid, Djerba
  • The Soukra,
  • Nabeul,
  • The Gardens of Carthage,
  • Gammarth,
  • The Marsa,
  • Aouina
  • etc.

    Most luxury real estate agencies in Tunisia monopolize some cities. Astoria Immobilière is one of the most prestigious real estate agencies in Tunisia. Founded in 2012 by Tarek Bouchamaoui, it offers residential buildings for the use of office and commercial mainly in Carthage Gardens, Les Berges du Lac II, etc.