Image Finance your real estate project in Tunisia

Finance your real estate project in Tunisia

Either a real estate purchase or construction project, the demand is growing in Tunisia. Every year, many Tunisian families residing abroad and also Europeans realize a financing of their real estate project in Tunisia. Financing your real estate project is no mean feat, having the means is not enough, we must think of everything that is related to administrative. The financing of a real estate project can also involve the intervention of specialists who will facilitate the steps and the progress of the works. The offers are so attractive and affordable to the extent that it has become more practical to finance his real estate project.

Tunisians reside abroad

In Tunisia, having your own house is a project that is really important. It is even a goal that every Tunisian put himself out. Tunisia living abroad is among those who are most interested in buying a property.

A good investment for those who plan to settle there or simply to spend the holidays each year with family. Principal residence, second home, or land, it is quite possible to make a financing even from abroad.

Tunisia is a good place to live, there is a high rate of French people living there such as the retired, young seniors and young entrepreneurs with their families. Investing in real estate in Tunisia is still a very good initiative especially with the arrival of major brands and companies distributed in all areas.

In addition, the real estate rate is unimportant, with or without credit, nowadays, if you want to build a reliable economic financing in this country, everything is within easy easy reach. Tarek Bouchamaoui, director of HBG Holding and his team focus all their know-how and creativity in luxury real estate development.

They have been several to use their service to facilitate the financing of a project of purchase in the real estate or for everything related to the construction real estate.

Finance your future property

If there are enough financial resources, the acquisition can be done in no time at all, you will just have to choose your real estate developer or builder. But we know that buying a house or building is one of the biggest expenses, besides living, paying other expenses, this is the reason why it is important to obtain a home loan.

But also and especially the costs related to mortgage, namely the costs of the examination of the case, the insurance costs related to the loan including life insurance, as well as warranty costs. To avoid over-indebtedness or for those who do not know how to finance the purchase of his house, several real estate groups and banking institutions are solicited.

There are many banks that offer made to measure solutions so as to support each client in their real estate financing. They can grant a mortgage according to the case. But also real estate developers and builders who already free you from all paperwork and administrative constraints and offer you a ready for use property.

Applying to an institution specializing in real estate financing such as that of Tarek Bouchamaoui is a solution.